LOLspeak – do you?

A year or so ago, I received a 1,000 word essay in "sms" language  – or lolspeak. When I asked the student what it was, she proudly declared it was her essay…. right then… but when I pointed out that it wasn’t in … well, English – she gave me with this exasperated look like I didn’t know anything (actually – that’s probably more how I felt!!)…
So – I asked her to re-submit her essay – in language that was appropriate for the reader (me)… and with a level of academic rigeur… She was NOT happy… but the option of not passing was probably the tipping point.
In discussions about this with a retired Professor of English – he laughed and told me to get out more – that English is an evolving language and I should celebrate her ability to write more than 10 words in sms language!
hmmmm – maybe so… but what if the reader is unable to decipher the message – in this case the essay – where does that leave the evolving language when the language is presented in a format incomprehensible by the reader?
OK – I know, you can argue that many academics have been practising this for centuries….
Well – the outcome – a re-written essay, in plain English (and a Pass).
But now I also have a de-coder from this brilliant site I just discovered on Wetpaint:
Speak LOLspeak.
Not sure I’ll be bothered to sit down translate a 1,000 word essay… but then again… maybe I will!

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