Learning Landscape webinar series

LTUG is presenting a series of webinars for the first half of the year that focuses on the changing learning landscape and the use of social software for learning.

The first webinar will set the scene for the series:
The Changing Learning Landscape
Date: 27 March 2008, 4pm-5pm (Sydney time – daylight savings time)
Where: your computer – via webinar

The world of online collaboration for learning is evolving rapidly with social software (or Web2.0) providing new and exciting ways of developing ideas and educational opportunities.
I will discuss how to extend our scope in using the web in order to facilitate learning and address these important questions:

* What are people doing with these new tools, and how is this affecting learning practices?
* What do learning & development practitioners need to do to start bringing these tools into their own practices?
* How does this all affect learning design?

Free Online Tools for Learning
17 April 2008, 10am – 11am (Sydney time – AEST)
Where: your computer – via webinar
Many online collaboration tools are free. Carol Daunt Skyring (LearnTel) will follow my session with an overview of the free online tools that are available for use for education & training. This will be a ‘helicopter’ view of the following tools:

* Blogs
* Wikis
* Online Communities/Forums
* Aggregators
* Social Sharing Sites eg Slideshare, flickr, de.licio.us, YouTube/TeacherTube
* Social Networking
* Micro-blogging

At the end of this session you will know how to access each of these tools. If you’d like support in setting them up, then please join one of our detail sessions following.

Set up your own…..
The following sessions will be 30 mins during which Anne or Carol will step you through setting up your own….. At the end of the session you will have an operational site/online tool.

Set up your own blog
30 April 2008, 4pm (Sydney time – AEST)

Set up your own wiki
6 May 2008, 10am (Sydney time – AEST)

Set up your own online community/forum
15 May 2008, 4pm (Sydney time – AEST)

Set up your own aggregator
21 May 2008, 10am (Sydney time – AEST)

Set up your own social sharing site
27 May 2008, 4pm (Sydney time – AEST)

Set up your own social networking site
4 June 2008, 10am (Sydney time – AEST)

Set up your own micro-blogging
10 June 2008, 4pm (Sydney time – AEST)

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2 thoughts on “Learning Landscape webinar series

  1. I’d love to attend these but I have timing conflicts. Are they going to be streamed later?

  2. Hi Karen!
    We won’t be recording the webinars – we decided as they were more workshop based.. it would be like having to sit through someone’s home videos…
    However, we are looking at turning them into shorter vodcasts – available at a later date after the sessions.
    Thanks for the enquiry!
    ABB 🙂

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