2 dot zero versus 2 point zero??

So what do you say?
Web "2 dot zero"?
Web " 2 point zero"?
Web "2 dot o"?
Web " 2 point o"?
or what about:
"2 point naught"?

Is the "point zero" group referring to decimal points? And surely is this the more correct terminology as it’s referring to release versions.. right?
And are the dot zero/o mob coming from the dot coms tribe?
In which case they’re referring to like a URL "dot com dot au".
I’ve been hearing lots of versions lately… and can’t say that this is life threatening.. but just something to ponder over…
Personally – I’m a "2 point o" person… but I’ve notice a few Aussies in the social media field saying "2 dot zero" lately… weird..

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4 thoughts on “2 dot zero versus 2 point zero??

  1. Anne, an interesting linguistic question .. along the lines of “mouses, mice or meese”? (The different forms of new technological language.)
    i agree with you, “two dot zero” is weird!
    My preference is Web2, or “web two”.
    (Or just “The Web”, the “evolving internet”.)
    i don’t think there’s not going to be any upgrades. We should be up to web 2.3b rc4 by now. Some days it feels like Web4.95, others like we’re still in beta.
    Who gets to decide when the term has had its day? How do we know when we hit version three?
    Is it version ten when we all have holographic input and voice command, wherever we go? .. when our collective consciousness becomes fully technologised?
    thanks and kind regards, michael

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