Danah Boyd – BlogTalk Reloaded

The Significance of Social Software:
Danah raised the issue that we have already been talking about at BarCamp Vienna … how can web.20 applications still be beta?
One of the response is that Beta means it’s still not profitable… OK – so that’s a new take on it!
And then there’s the angle that the open source applications gain additional features that are just hacked into these applications based on what people want…
The QA aspect becomes based on watching what people do – if it breaks, the developers fix it…if people want it, they build it…. Quite a reversal of traditional QA processes….
Consistent values across social software aps: hack it up, get it out there; learn from your users, evolve the system with them; make your presence known, invite feedback; Monetization: Include a few ads here and there…

How social software shifts cultural behaviour…initially interest driven – activity or information centred with organic growth…your friends/contacts will that drive the context….

Questions/issues as social software moves forward –
Designers:  what design innovations are needed?
Researchers: new types of social organisation – what implications does this have?
Business: monetization and growth – efforts to push this may cause distabilisaion …

That’s pretty much the key points that I picked up – but of course we have the Google Video available through the BlogTalk site…


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