BlogTalk Re-loaded kicks off!

It’s raining in Vienna…but not cold (so I still have a suitcase full of boots & jackets that will come back to Australia unworn!!)…

Good to see the audience mix has evened out somewhat! Elmine & I have been noting all weekend how few women have been represented so far (actually – there was just the 2 of us …)! Now it’s about 30% – go girls!

We’re going to try out different formats for presentations – kind of open space… flipcharts with questions from the speakers – the speaker then presents for 10 mins, poses their questions, then hangs out around their flipcharts with post-it notes for participants to raise issues and expand the discussion. These will be collected and then posted to the wiki..(I think).
Some people were quite engaged – some people were not – to me this is similar to learners who like structured classroom sessions versus the open constructivist learning spaces where discourse evolves from within the group…

There are Google Videos of the presentations – all the presentations have been recorded and are now available from the BlogTalk site – go to the Program then click on the presentation topic.

We still seem to be struggling as a group about how to get dialogue happening…..! The audience seems rather… passive… I guess I haven’t actually been jumping and asking questions myself! The IRC back channel is quite busy – so I’m  told – I just can’t get on to it yet!

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