Lee Bryant – BlogTalk Reloaded

Lee has just shared a case study application of social software in a large global legal firm – the underlying philosophies and principles….don’t push the "happy, clappy" sharing philosophies….talk about information flow and efficiencies….

I loved the change in focus away from email dependency and interoffice email spam to RSS / subscription that controls the flow of information – not the email inbox overload…!

Organisational challenges such as IT departments [as many learning & development practitioners know all to well] has to become an enabling function  rather than a controlling barrier … [yes, please – bring it on!]

A question from the audience focused on the issues of publishing and sharing information and policies to manage "inappropriate" behaviour – Lee commented that incorporating social software into organisations is fundamentally not different to the use of email – the publishing, organisational rules, employment contracts still apply! [In other words – think before you post!]

This is probably one of the early case studies in the organisational application of social software and it’s exciting to see how successfully embraced it has been – Lee mentioned that the pilot study actually never stopped – it has continued and is expanding!
So – come on learning professionals – stop waiting for someone else to do it – the time is NOW!

PS. Watch out for an exciting project that Lee & I are going to work on in Australia … more on that soon!

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