Phenomenography Symposium

University of Sydney is hosting a Phenomenography Interest Group Symposium next week (Tue 6 & Wed 7 December).

Interested in Phenomenography?
The trigger for the symposium is the visit of some of our international colleagues. The symposium has been designed to be of interest to experienced and inexperienced phenomenographers alike and particularly to research students. Key features will include:
A panel of international visitors;
• Discussion of key issues in phenomenographic research identified by symposium participants;
• ‘How to’ sessions for research students;
• Student presentations of work-in-progress, accompanied by friendly and useful feedback;
• Discussion of applications and limitations of phenomenography and its usefulness for higher education in particular.

I had been asked to present my research but…well, you know what, I’m just not 100% confident that phenomenographic methodology is appropriate for my work.
After my PhD assessment presentation that included some lively debate about research methodologies, I’m starting to question my choices…mainly stemming from my underpinning research perspective that is strongly interpretivist ethnography (Denzin, 1997).
The challenging issues (read: troublesome) is the reporting of data…..
So – I’m attending the 2 day symposium with a very open mind…and the need to be reassured (or is that convinced) that phenomenography is not slighty too positivist for me..