CIA blogging….

Picked this story up in the SMH this morning:

The CIA uncovers a secret: how to look things up on the internet

"THE CIA now has its own bloggers. In a bow to the rise of internet-era secrets hidden in plain view, the agency has started hosting weblogs with the latest information on topics including North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il’s public visit to a military installation (his 38th this year) and the Burmese media’s silence on a ministry reshuffle. It even has a blog on blogs, dedicated to finding useful information in the rapidly expanding milieu of online journals and weird electronic memorabilia on the net."

Guess I must be naive, but I would have thought they’d been doing this for years….or perhaps they have…???

"The blogs are posted on an unclassified, government-wide website, part of a rechristened CIA office for monitoring, translating and analysing publicly available information…"

"There are still people who believe if it’s not top secret it’s not worth reading," says an outside expert who works with government intelligence agencies.

hmmmm – looks like some of these spies need to get out more…!
Now here’s an interesting question – how do you know your weblog is being tracked by the CIA?
1)Check their public BlogLines account…
2) Look at their Blogroll lists
3) Follow their trackbacks…
4) They leave a comment on your posts…
Any other ideas????? 🙂