And the winners are……QAS!

Congratulations to LTUG members from the Queensland Ambulance Service who have just won the Australian Flexible Learning Framework 2005 Australian Training Initiative Award!!!

"The QAS’s award winning program is using flexible training options to deliver critical medical training to ambulance offices in regional and rural communities.

In 2004 the QAS received funding and support from the Framework to assist in the development of this training initiative and to undertake research to investigate the best ways to deliver this training and determine learning needs.

The research resulted in the development of flexible training methods such as online and CD-ROM teaching materials; digital video-conferencing for recording and personal coaching; online forums for problem solving and exchange of ideas; and the introduction of e-learning leaders to assist with the planning of training activities."

( I bet the $10,000 video conferencing system from Polycom that Sally White won at LT2004 conference might have been a bit of a catalyst for some of these ideas and innovations!!!)

Find out more about the award winners from the Flexible Learning Framework site.