Online Educa Berlin

Report from Carol:

"The brave new world appeared before I reached Berlin for Online Educa.
Just to prove we’re living in a wireless world, I was given a ‘deal’ for 1hour free wireless connection while on the flight from Singapore to Berlin.
Great – no more playing in-flight games – now I can check my favourite sites, send email & feel connected to the world while I’m in the air – scary really!!!!

The advertising blurb says:
"The world below at your fingertips. Get online while you fly."
"Get onboard and get online Real-time"
"Connect to what’s important"

If you want to check it out go to:

Our Asia Pacific Forum is on in 2 days – my next report will be from there.

The main Online Educa program starts on Thursday – looking forward to some interesting developments to report from there. I’m signed in for a session on mobile learning & another on blogs & wikis."