Deen Sanders – FSEAA

"The revolution of the new professional – can technology based training help?"

Well, Deen just managed to get his presentation up – warned us that he was a Powerpoint junkie…and whammo!! We loose all power in the hotel – no lights, no power sources – the lot – a darkened room confronts us….

Deen handled the situation with such elegance – after initially suffering from a Powerpoint deficiency syndrome (PDS)!
Deen left us with some gems – yes, you can present in the dark without Powerpoint!!!

  • Creative Class – by Richard Florida
  • Tomorrow’s People by Susan Greenfield
  • educaiton should be 1,000 different flavours
  • shift from curriculum to diagnostics

Deen earned himself a Webex beach ball for being such a star (in the dark!)
(No word on the "external incident" in the Sydney CBD that took the power out for over 1 hour…)

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