And the winners are……

The winners of the awards at the LT2004 conference are….

Innovation category: Felicity Mandile – Virtual Schooling Service, Education Queensland

Multi-modal Delivery:  John-Paul College, Brisbane

Access & Equity: Central Queensland Institute of Tafe – Child Studies. (Or Thelma & Louise for those of us attending the conference …!)

I’ll give you a full run down on the winners entries and there were also a number of special mentions in the innovation category!

LTUG is hoping to have each of these winners (and the special mention winners) present webinars in 2005 – that will be a really exciting opportunity to find out how other practitioners use learning technologies!

Hey – have you noticed that all the winners are from Queensland??? Why??? What happened to all the other states??? We might explore that further and get back to you!

More reports to follow – I’m off to prepare my paper – I drew the short straw – delivering a paper on Friday morning after a HUGE awards night…great, most of them will probably be asleep!