LT2004 Kicks off!

Pre-conference Activities:

There was the pre-conf workshop – Connecting to Learning – which an intimate group attended where we discussed our teaching models, our learner readiness, our content or curriculum and then we went live…we Skye’d, we Webex-ed, we went out there….! A great group – committed to the integration of collaborative learning through technologies – thanks for a great afternoon guys!

Welcome drinks – down to Earth in downtown Mooloolaba!

Over 90 people attended the drinks down on the main drag in Mooloolaba – Carol forced the last person to leave the venue around 9.30pm – but I have heard of some participants that found themselves in the Irish pub until the very wee hours of the morning! Clearly they would have been discussing the potential to enhance learning with their products…? or not…?

Day 1 – bright and early

So which participants (obviously not the local Queenslanders) forgot that the sun rises at 4am when you’re not on daylight savings…hmmmm…but nothing like a brisk walk along the beach – which is just one of those glorious Aussie beaches – stretching for miles….!

Some traffic challenges between "Moo" and Brisbane delayed the opening presentations so we kicked off with Graham Mirabito from Telstra.

Graham talked about convergence – particularly of IT companies and telecos. According to Graham, more than 60% of organisational IP belongs on the workers hard drives – wow – that’s kind of scary isn’t it….? Why aren’t they using blogs – or should I say klogs – as knowledge management tools!

He reported on some current trends that include organisations moving they storage of data "out of the basements" and into alternative options. What about "push to talk" – like a CB radio on mobiles – evidently just introduced here and huge in the US!

Then there’s the 18 million mobile phones in Australia, the 6 million home PCs connected to the internet…

Graham went on to illustrate how convergence will create "seamless integration" with "intuitive in-context user experiences…" great – about time!!

Graham stated that the mobile is now a collaboration device and how the standard tools (like the mobile) is where collaborations has to start…therefore effective learning is poised for acceleration through technology…

Interesting presentation – thanks Graham…remember to ensure that we all have access to these new emergent tools!

That’s all for now – I’m off to the Awards dinner – there’s going to be more exciting things to report later – some stunning case studies presented today – but you’ll have to wait until I can get back to my computer…oh for convergence…wireless dinner plates perhaps…?