Who wants to be an e-Learnaire?

Do you know what Bluetooth technology is; what the abbreviation CAL stands for; have you heard of Bloom’s taxonomy; how the early internet came into being? If you do, then you should have attended the special event at LT2004, ‘Who wants to be an eLearnaire’!

A gameshow quiz, facilitated by the use of KEEpad technology, concluded the programme for Day One of the conference. Touted as the traditional highlight of the conference, the event did not disappoint. Throughout the two quiz sessions the atmosphere was charged with excitement, as the players competed for that coveted prize – a mysterious package, rumoured to contain a set of car keys. There was dissent whether the keys opened a Mercedes or a BMW, so keep an eye on the parking lot in front of CSIT on Day Two! The game champion (Dr Graeme Salter from Uni of Western Sydney) also came away with an (additional?) prize of a framed certificate.

Throughout the game, it became obvious that some players must have missed their daily dose of caffeine, which resulted in 9% of the players voting for ‘Cobb & Co’ as the company Telstra originated from, while 4% of the audience opted for answer A – ‘a very muddy part of Wales’ – as the definition of a ‘blog’. For me, the true winner on the day was the writer of the questions, whose initials, PC, cannot possibly stand for Politically Correct!

Overall, lots of fun was had by everyone, and I am sure participants will be eagerly awaiting an opportunity to play the game next year!

Thanks to Joanna Tarnowskan from Ectus!