NET*Working 2004

Rather overwhelming but quite a day at NWg2004 (I’m getting tired of spelling out the full title)! The program is HUGE – and I can barely keep up – that’s in-between finalising my workshop and papers for LT2004!

I must say … and I am a wildlife lover but… Marvin the Lizard is really getting under my skin….I notice that I can now turn the pesky thing off – before I realised this he was going on like, well, like a lizard!!! He reminds me of randomly placed clipart (particularly gif animations) that my students are fond of! Seriously annoying!

I’ve been enjoying some exchanges in the "m-learning: the full spectrum from basics to futures" sessions, and reviewed a chat session from the morning that I forgot to attend.

Lots more to try to keep up-to-date with…but…from tomorrow it’s sunny Queensland – that’s if it stops raining!!!