Re-visited, Re-Viewed = Re-Invented

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I haven’t been blogging much lately – actually – not at all …
Well – Twitter for one.
I’m finding the immediacy of micro-publishing, sharing, getting feedback and exchanges fulfill many of the motivations I had for previously blogging.
Then there’s writing – and, as I write my final stages of the PhD, I find my head is in a different space. Smaller pieces like blog posts or short essays haven’t fitted in – again, Twitter addressed that need.

I nearly killed off this blog – but then I reviewed the journey, the collection of thoughts, and realised I still had more to contribute in this style of self-publishing – while still maintaining other micro-publishing platforms.

What does all this mean?
Well – I’m back!
There’s still lots I need say – and lots more to contribute.
The thesis writing is coming together and will result in some short summary posts from chapters.
The world has changed from the early days when I first starting blogging – for the better! Richer, enhanced platforms are enabling new ways of learning and communicating.
Time to share my research again – time to present ways of enabling more effective learning.
Watch this space and join me as we develop the future of learning and other adventures!