LT2008 snippets

I haven’t managed the time to fully review all my notes and papers from the Learning Technologies 2008 conference – so instead, I’ve captured a few snippets – or classic comments from the presenters – powerful, meaningful and just plain fun!

From George Siemens:
"What happens when the tools of control shift from the educator to the learner?"

"Facebook & Twitter is a philosophy as much as it is a technology – enabling and amplifying"

From Danny Maas
"Can I be charged for flashing my graphic in public?"

Howard Errey introduced us to:
"Enogamy – our family, our tribe – we look after those closest to use – with an inward focus and exogamy – the outward focus beyond are closest circles"
Q: How do we ensure that our learners and our learning networks don’t become trapped in enogamy?

From Mark Dashper:
"I like to twiddle around with the knobs too"

From Mark Keough:
"The future is never designed from the past!"

And my personal favourite from the conference is awarded to George Siemens:

"Twitter is like sex…you can’t understand what it’s for by talking about it, you’ve just gotta do it…."

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