LT2008 snippets

I haven’t managed the time to fully review all my notes and papers from the Learning Technologies 2008 conference – so instead, I’ve captured a few snippets – or classic comments from the presenters – powerful, meaningful and just plain fun!

From George Siemens:
"What happens when the tools of control shift from the educator to the learner?"

"Facebook & Twitter is a philosophy as much as it is a technology – enabling and amplifying"

From Danny Maas
"Can I be charged for flashing my graphic in public?"

Howard Errey introduced us to:
"Enogamy – our family, our tribe – we look after those closest to use – with an inward focus and exogamy – the outward focus beyond are closest circles"
Q: How do we ensure that our learners and our learning networks don’t become trapped in enogamy?

From Mark Dashper:
"I like to twiddle around with the knobs too"

From Mark Keough:
"The future is never designed from the past!"

And my personal favourite from the conference is awarded to George Siemens:

"Twitter is like sex…you can’t understand what it’s for by talking about it, you’ve just gotta do it…."

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One thought on “LT2008 snippets

  1. Must have been a good conference. I am intrigued by the comments from George Siemens regarding tools of control. There is a new tool,, a free online learning management system that allows anyone to publish courses and validate learning. We hope it will supplement classroom teaching but from what we have seen published so far, it is another shift in control of the tools. Thought you might find it interesting.

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