2 thoughts on “PowerPoint – again…

  1. Hi there. While I wholeheartedly agree that PowerPoint presentations in general have been a disaster i think ditching the whole idea is simply not an option. Clearly it is the use of slideshow software that is the problem, not the concept itself. My interest in the subject stems from a keen interest in visual storytelling and I too find that these presentations way too often get bogged down with text and poor diagrams.
    But, there is another way: You could use the software to display images that will provoke feelings in the audience. Feelings of wonder, anger (at the subject not the presentation itself) etc.
    I’ve tried (ever so modestly) to give a couple of examples over at my blog.

  2. Great points Benjamin – thanks for this..!
    You’re absolutely right… use of powerful visual imagery can certainly enhance the message.
    So – I’ll amend my argument to: Ditch PowerPoint if you’re going to; 1) talking with your back to the audience cos you’re reading the slides, 2) using inappropriate sound effects with bullet points, 3) overuse of “flashy” bullet points, 4) too much information on a single slide, 5) too many words on a slide, 6) reading all the words on the slide to the audience (they can read too), 7) bad colour choices, 8) too many figures, graphs etc (that are impossible to read), 9)any gif images that continue to bounce around the slide while you’re talking – and that will do for starters!
    ABB 😉

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