Social Media – edition 3

Trevor Cook & Lee Hopkins have just released their 3rd Social Media: or "how we stopped worrying and learnt to love communication".
This is a really valuable introduction to social media in the organisational context – with an Australian perspective.
I have used the previous editions with small/micro business owners – they love it – it manages to provide enough, but not too much, information that allows them to consider the application of social media within their business strategies.

Now – if you’re an organisational learning & development practitioner – pay attention!
This is NOT written for you… but…  I’d recommend you read this! If you are considering introducing social software into your learning environments, you need to understand how the business is framing their strategies. If you are going to get successful sponsorship from within the management team, then you need to view or re-frame your dialogue to present your business case in language that the business understands – so here it is… ! Read it – and learn!

Hey Trevor – perhaps next time we can include a learning landscape perspective too?? Some of us educators are doing rather amazing things that aren’t being recognised by the social media tribes!

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