Adult Education & Training – new text

Hot off the press is Adult Education and Training – edited by Dr James Athanasou. Here’s what the publisher says:

"Adult Education and Training arose from a major project to advance the field of adult learning in Australia. It is a collaborative effort that brings together some of the most well-known international and leading Australian authors in the field of adult education.

It deals with the key issues in post-compulsory education and training, such as critical thinking, transformative learning, gender issues, indigenous education and regional factors. There is coverage of adult education in an Australian context as well as the theory and practice of teaching and learning, namely communication, individual differences, assessment, e-Learning and research methods. It provides a unique and comprehensive introduction to the field of adult teaching and learning from specialists in each topice area."

Key contributors include: Stephen Brookfield, Leona English, Roger Morris (recently awarded an Order of Australian for contributions to Adult Education), Ross Brennan Kemmis, Keiko Yasukawa, Pactricia Cranton & Elizabeth Tisdell, Stephen Billet, Shirley Saunders (my PhD supervisor), James Kehoe, Shelley Gillis & Patrick Griffin, Erica Smith, Brian Hemmings & John Connors, Bob Boughton and.. me!

The diverse range of topics address: transformative learning; teaching critical thinking; language, literacy and numeracy; instructional design; communication and learning; competency assessment; vocational education and training; resources sources and methods; … to name just a few… 
These chapters make this a key text for anyone studying or working in the Adult Learning field.

The text is currently available through David Barlow Publishing in Australia.