Loosing your voice, finding your voice

What happens to your blog when you loose your voice?
No – it’s not a rhetorical question. And no, I don’t mean physiologically loosing voice, like laryngitis, or from writer’s block like procrastination. I mean when you just can’t write due to an emotional reaction to a traumatic personal event?

For me – it’s 4 weeks, to the day now, and I’ve finally found my voice… Here’s a few tips I tried, and here’s what worked.

Tried, tested – didn’t work:

  1. Just write – anything, something
    Nothing inspired me enough to move me to writing
  2. Focus on a topic that inspires or ignites you passion / values or similar
    Nothing was that important or interesting
  3. Talk to people
    I wasn’t doing that either – and didn’t want to!
  4. Draft pieces of writing and review
    Did that – but couldn’t publish – I just didn’t want to be in a public domain

What worked:

  1. Acknowledge your state of mind and emotions
  2. Wait for the time that it feels right again
  3. When is it going to feel right again?
    Dunno – but something will inspire you to finally step and say – hang on a sec.. I’d like to make a contribution to that conversation

So – I’m back.. slowly but surely I’m re-aligning and re-focusing and I think I can write again…
Standby for updates.

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