LMS Survey Results

The results from the October LTUG survye on LMS are in… and the findings are…. well – summarised below:

Q. What do you think of LMS? (Respondents could select more than one response – in case you’re adding up percentages!)
47.6% They’re OK but limited
31% Loved them
28.6% Use them becuase they have to
And the most revealing comment:
2.4% My cat/dog loves them too!

Q. Do you use – or have you used – a LMS?
92.9 % – YES!

Q. Which product have you used?
68.6% Moodle
54.3% Blackboard
45.7% WebCT
45.7 % Janison

There’s masses of comment on the current state of the LMS – too many to reproduce here but.. perhaps some of my favourite jems (objective and subjective ones!)

" … it appears peple are only using LMS to hang page turners onto it and track for completion of compliance programs"

"Management is the driver"

"It’s a database – no more, no less"

"They usually have heaps of features, it is the policies implemented around them that cause restriction"

And a final recommendation for improvement:
"Blow them up!"

If you’d like to read through more of the results, you can request a copy here.

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