Walk to Work Day

Tomorrow is Walk to Work Day in Australia (Friday 5th October)…

Wtwd_logo_129 Problem is – I was going to work from home tomorrow… Guess I’d better put my runners back on and participate!
I wonder if it counts that I walk to work every day anyway?

And if you happen to get the walking bug…. why not join the 10,000 Steps challenge? That’s 10,000 steps per day – every day!!!
And if you drive to work, or catch the bus, tram or train… it is highly unlikely that you will hit 10,000 steps! (That’s the minimum keep fit activity level!)…
By walking my doggies every day (morning & night) and then walking to work… I can average 15,000 – but the days I work from home… and just do dog walks.. I’m lucky to hit 6,000! WOw – makes you realise how sedentary our lifestyles can be!

So – get off your butts – and get on your feet! Walk walk walk!