How the social web came to be .. Part 2!

And here it is! Part 2 from Trebor…. see below for part 1.
Again – Trebor, your timing is perfect! I’m in the midst of preparing a presentation for AITD this evening…. mashing up previous presentations, updating and re-framing…. but what strikes me particularly, is that much of the work I published in 2005 (based on research from 2002-2004) is still current, and I’m still saying the same things. Of course, some of the software applications are new – and they’re exciting and enabling more functionality – but… the principles haven’t changed.
In Part 2 – it highlighted for me that many of the popular software applications that are likely to be part of our daily lives (well, mine anyway) were around before O’Rielly coined the term "Web.20" in 2005! Which supports my argument – that much of what I’ll saying at AITD tonight, isn’t new!
What’s different?
People and organisations are starting to listen!

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