Paolo Friere – 10th Anniversary

Today, May 2nd, marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Paulo Freire.

Freire’s work continues to inspire educators across the world, and new
Institutes, books and courses emerge to review and re-invent his work.

Below are a collection of some of these resources:

On video
Culture, Politics & Pedagogy: A Conversation with Henry Giroux
about Freire’s influence on him, and Giroux’s views on George Bush’s
notorious ‘No Child Left Behind’ Bill. A 4 minute talk available on


Paolo Friere & Seymour Papert’s video on the “Future of School”


Pedagogy of the Oppressed
– its first three chapters available in
English at

On the Web

Paolo Freire Institute
, Brazil

Paulo Freire Institute

Paulo Freire Institute of South Africa
– University of KwaZulu-Natal

Paulo Freire Research Center
– University of Tampere, Finland
Paulo Freire Institute -Malta

Paulo Freire Kooperation,

OISE, University of Toronto

Remembering Freire, Reinventing Freire Conference

2 May 2007

Thanks to Dr Tony Brown at UTS for this collection.