MentorNet continues to grow!

MentorNet, the mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs, is rapidly expanding… The 3rd program launches tomorrow with another cohort of entrepreneurs preparing to build their businesses!

We’re also starting to attract some attention in the media – which is great! Here’s a link from Atlassian’s blog

Even though I would still say we’re in the early implementation stages of the overall program – the underpinning pedagogical philosophies and strategies supported by our mash-up methods are demonstrating tangible business results and positive learner feedback…

"…with the help of my Mentor and my pod members, I have found a new level of passion for my business and developed clear goals and systems, which give me the direction and tools required to establish growth and success. The on going support and advice is invaluable and the process is fun and rewarding.."

The quality of peer learning and support has also proved to be an invaluable dimension to the program – which has brought such a diverse range of views and practices together into the main body of knowledge.

The technology has not been the main focus for the participants – it has seamlessly enabled them to manage both simple and complex tasks. As the program designer, the technology has certainly been my main focus as I continually monitor the various spaces ensuring the mentorees are cruising along through their tasks without any hiccups…
And… I have to tell you… NO hiccups!!
Now – that has to be a first (for me!) – and probably attributed to some brilliant design and programming (and perhaps a little magic from Headshift) from the tech team!!!
Certainly has reinforced the value to be gained from a single location, yet multi-functional platform – and NO, I’m absolutely NOT talking about the LMS-style platform… or for that matter a PLE. This program is about the collective network – and not just learners either – mentors, expert presenters and webmoderators are all intregal contributors to the collective body of knowledge.

Perhaps more on this later – program 4 kicks off ina few weeks – and as the programs grow and gather momentum, I expect further interesting dynamics to evolve!

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One thought on “MentorNet continues to grow!

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