National Training Day 2006- Melbourne

Quite a day here in Melbourne for the National Training Day 2006  – aside from the challenges of commuting into a city centre where there is a G20 meeting and complete lock down for security reasons…

The venue was great -"The Backlot"  in the Rydges Hotel Melbourne…. now for those who have been around for a little while – you will remember this venue as Bobby McGees nightclub, where many after work functions were popular! 😉

It’s valuable to hear the case studies and challenges faced in the organisational learning context… there is so much more that can still be implemented – effectively and efficiently – with social software…. guess social software innovators near to get out there more!

Overall trends and themes from the day…. lots of case studies on e-Learning implmentations in the organisational context – and the message… research research research….
More focus on delivery methods….blending learning options…. and some discrepanices around the definition of  " blended learning" …
Another apparent trend is the use of synchronous webinars to further engage learners and provide live interactions….some great examples – including an initiative from Dr Brenda Beatty at Monash University using Webex to connect students across Victoria – Brenda has done a research paper on this… I just couldn’t find it on the Monash site..

Still lots of talks about LMS and new LMSs…. why are organisations still spending absurd amounts of money on this… and not on the actual learning opportunities they are providing… 
Another great reminder that advocates of social software need to do some more promoting of their work and achievements….

And of course… the lunchtime feature was The Great Debate – Are Women better mentors than Men?
Yep and you guessed it – the women won…. it was actually a lost debate before it started…but then I was on the winning team… 🙂

It was also rather affirming to note that 3 of the presenters were graduates of mine from the Diploma of e-Learning at UTS!

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