Learning Technologies 2006 video streams

While I’m still trying to catch-up on my posts and reviews from the LT2006 conference in Mooloolaba – the video streams of keynotes and featured speakers are available from MediaSite – this may not be the permanent URL – if there are any changes I’ll update it here.
They’re all about 20 minutes long – give or take a few minutes and should run easily on PC or Mac using IE or Firefox with a broadband connection (although I believe it’s OK on some dial-ups).

Make sure you take a look at Gerry White’s presentation…which set the scene for things to come; Elaine Shuck from Polycom and some of the global initiatives with school kids is awesome (and she’s looking for Aussie schools too!); Jody Kennedy and her innovative use of videoconferencing; Laurence Zwimpfer’s UNESCO project; and not to be missed – and save it for last – Greg O’Grady’s overview of learning partnerships…. (I think I’m a tree hugger on Greg’s continuum – but I take that in the nicest possible way!).

If you want to see a little of what else went on – drop by my Flickr account.


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