Social Software being adopted by the Australian Government

Today’s Australian IT covered this story on the adoption of social software technologies into the public services:

"THE federal government may tap the vast pool of social resources behind blogs and websites such as Flickr and Wikipedia to boost its online information services.
The Department of Finance’s lead information technology body, AGIMO, has begun experimenting with wikis and blogs with a view to expanding their use throughout commonwealth departments and agencies…

The trial was part of a strategy to use online services to improve engagement between the community and government by 2010, the spokesman said.
"The government is developing services aligned with Web 2.0 with its implementation of the 2006 e-government strategy,"

And that’s NOT mentioning the potential for learning…!!!
So – if you’re an educator in the public sector, and you haven’t explored these technologies yet…there’s still time to become savvy by 2010 – but wouldn’t it be great if the L & D practitioners were the ones leading by example and showing the departments how effectively these technologies can be integrated into everyday learning in the workplace.