Plogs – from Amazon

I’ve just logged on to Amazon and was told I now had a Plog!
What’s a Plog????
Well, having just read an article in the UK Times about Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom’s blog (he’s based in North Wales), I thought it might be something to do with police-blogging! (He is considering podcasts – which have been coined as "Plodcasts" !)
But no!!!
It’s nothing that straightforward…..

"Your Plog is a personalized web log that appears on your customer home page. Every person’s Plog is different … and just like a blog, your Plog is sorted in reverse chronological order. Each post also gives you the opportunity to provide feedback to the sender as to whether you liked the post or not. This feedback loop means your Plog becomes even more relevant and interesting over time. Your Plog will appear if you are logged into our web site and is visible only to you."

OK – got that? hmmm – so who is the "sender"? And if it’s just like a weblog, then why isn’t the sender me?
Why can only I see it? What’s the value of that?
Guess I’ll have to play around with it a bit more and see what happens – but right now, I just don’t get it!

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