Google Jockeying

By now you’ve probably heard of Google Whacking….
The goal is to enter a query into Google and come up with a single result – oh – and it’s just 2 words and no quotation marks!
I use this as part of an activity in classes to sharpen searching techniques…but now…there’s Google Jockeying!

So what is it?
"…a participant in a presentation or class session who surfs the internet for terms, or web sites mentioned by the presenter…"

Now – some of my students regularly do this in class already – but here’s an added dimension that could really add some value:
"A screen displays the jockey’s searches for all participants…"

The challenge here is getting multiple screens or being able to assign the jockey to the data projector….
I like Stephen’s suggestion of split screens….but I think the jockey belongs on the back channel (or chat area) or perhaps they post their finds to their Delicious accounts….use agreed tags, then with RSS we can pull it wherever they want it!

This is really worth exploring as part of information and digital literacy activities!
Thanks to Stephen Downes for pointing out this Educause Learning Initiative