Learning Technologies 2006

Call for Papers:
Learning Technologies 2006 Conference
Sunshine Coast, Qld, AUSTRALIA
9 & 10 November 2006

The theme for Learning Technologies 2006 Conference is: Learning Partnerships

We are seeking 30 minute presentations of papers that provide case studies about Learning Partnerships you have been involved in and how these have been actioned and managed, from planning to fruition.

Share your experience and successes with Learning Partnerships and how these have enhanced and supported your teaching and learning communities.

The audience will be teachers, lecturers, trainers and educators who use, or are thinking of using learning technologies and who are interested in all aspects of Learning Partnerships.

What is a Learning Partnership?
A Learning Partnership can be anything you want it to be. You can form a Learning Partnership with:

  • Colleagues
  • Students
  • Other professionals
  • Other educational institutions, both government and private
  • Service providers
  • Commercial companies

Learning Partnerships may be around people, content, technology, activities, issues, shared objectives – anything of common interest. They may extend across communities and even countries.

A Learning Partnership lasts as long as you need it to. Some partnerships operate for many years while others are formed to address particular issues or projects that are only relevant for a specific time.

Paper Submission / Abstracts should identify the following:

  1. The educational need
  2. The solution
  3. How you selected a Learning Partner
  4. What made the Learning Partnership successful
  5. How the learner benefited from the Learning Partnerships

Deadline:  email an abstract to admin@learntel.com.au

  • half page of 12 point type (please be succinct)
  • address the 4 key points above
  • include half page bio of presenter/s
  • include all of your contact details

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