2006 – Are you ready for it?

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all! Here’s to a sensational 2006 – happy, healthy, safe and peaceful!

If you’re in Sydney, you’re probably melting down  – how was New Year’s day – 45C (49C in my courtyard!) – and they try to tell us there’s no such thing as global warming…yeah right!!! Today it’s already 28C and 80% humidity at 8.30am so I’m trying to plan my day based on where I can get into some airconditioning….the Uni library is looking good – followed by a late afternoon swim at Bondi (if the beach is open after a few shark sightings!)
Probably an appropriate day for Sydney to be hosting a 2 day Asia-Pacific Climate Change ministerial meeting!

In preparation for 2006, reviewing the subjects I co-ordinate at UTS, re-writing & updating content for the Diploma of e-Learning, plus doing an office cleansing (filing all those readings and articles), I have been discovering some interesting (and some alarming) articles from 2000 – 2001 – most of which are now out of date! However, there a couple of issues that have been highlighted:

  • from an organisational (corporate) e-Learning strategic perspective – not much has changed! This is alarming! I’m collecting some articles on this and will do a summary shortly.
  • from a learner readiness perspective – there is still an assumption that everyone has access to high speed connections AND has the digital literacy to manage the e-Learning environment. More on digital literacy and lack of connectivity and speed to follow!
  • the adoption of social software into learning strategies – both in educational institutions & corporate environments – OK – we’re finally starting to see some valuable innovations!
  • the continued renovation of learning strategies that reinforce traditional (and potentially out of date) approaches to teaching and learning – time for a fresh look at our practices!

Clearly there is plenty that we, as educators – whether institutional or corporate –  need to be considering as we prepare for 2006. What will you be doing to enrich the learning experience for your learners this year?

This is the year for completing my PhD, a year of analysing and writing, a year of not accepting mediocrity (generally due to lack of funding!), a year for standing on my head and looking at my pedagogical strategies with a fresh perspective….and loads of innovation!
So – are you ready for 2006?