Bathroom surfing….

I’m not sure what to make of this story…Sounds of logon from the John … I picked up from the Australian…according to the story..

"…a [US] survey of internet use finds more people are logging on in the bathroom.

The snapshot of how the internet has changed life in the US finds that home wireless connections are allowing people to stay connected everywhere, even in the smallest room in the house.

"Many Americans are using the computer connection in the bathroom," says Jeffrey Cole, of the University of Southern California Annenberg School Centre for the Digital Future.

Since people were unlikely to be surfing in the bath or while brushing their teeth, Cole says, he has concluded that many went off into cyberspace while on the throne.

"More than half of those who used WiFi had used it in the bathroom," Cole says, remarking that he believed some people in busy homes retreated there for some privacy. "

Right…now…a number of responses spring to mind…generally focused on toilet humour – however, seriously though…in the bathroom? On the toilet??
I might be a little out of touch here…but I’d like to know how many people are doing this – c’mon – leave a comment if you’re a toilet blogger…I’m just busting to know!!!  🙂