The Clown Doctors

What a terrific way to start your day – invite a clown doctor along…at 7am it’s just what you need!

Dr Peter Spitzer – popularly known as Dr Fruit Loop – from the Humour Foundation – exposed us all to some laughter and some serious side of working with children (and adults) to assist their hospital stay be more…well, fun!

Do you have AADS? Do you:

  • make mountains out of molehills?
  • have emotional constipation?
  • have difficulty swallowing humour?
  • have a hardening of attitude?
  • persistent soreness about everything?

Then you clearly have a case of – Acquired Amusement Deficiency Syndrome!

Good laughter = good communication!

The Ultimate Stress Test: Dr Fruit Loop showed us a photo – it was supposed to be of 2 dolphins…but I only saw 1 dolphin … the other animal was a cow…pretending to be a dolphin – evidently this is a sign of stress…oh dear!

Laughter is the best medicine – guess the theme is set!!!!