Grant Beevers – The CyberInstitute

From e-Learning to c-Learning

Grant from the CyberInstitute addressed a number of what he sees as emerging issues and trends:

  • new practices (I’d like to add new pedagogies)
  • focusing on the learner experience (yeah – we’re starting to get it!)
  • use of Skype and other VOIP technologies
  • use of IM (he probably means all the social software)
  • online dating (hmmmm – not sure how we connect this to learning technologies)
  • online gaming (hmmmm – he’s talking about casinos & betting – is that what my students are up to in class?)

Then there’s the Gen Ys – technologically adept, just-in-time knowledge, small attention span, multi-taskers, become bored quickly, fiercely collaborative individuals, reject most of the current norms in the workplace, used to dealing with change, strong perception of work life balance….
And what do we do about that??
Use emerging technologies……

Grant talked about blogs & wikis – hmmmm – rather distorted view of these – I’m not totally convinced he’s across what they are….
Couldn’t give the audience a distinction between the 2….bummer – perhaps as the chair I had better stand up and clarify this!

Then moved on to Virtual Classrooms and Online Communities – this is where Grant believes the learning will actually occur…
mentioned Gilly Salmon’s CMC model – kind of jumped around the 5 stages and focused on stage 4 Knowledge Construction – but if you skip the other stages, you won’t get to stage 4!!!

OK – so now we’re up to examples:
AIM QLD/NT – based on a Grad Cert in Professional Management – 13 week online program – all based on LMS platform, downloadable documents, supported with asynchronous discussion forums, twice weekly virtual classrooms with Webex, assessment and facilitation work…
Theory delivered through online instruction, reflection and discussion carried on in virtual sessions then continued in discussion forums….

The value from this exmaple – access to information – reaching out to students who wouldn’t normally have access to these sort of courses!

The future….more of the same – but more with collaboration!
Thanks Grant!