The Doctoral Assessment Process

About half way through your PhD candidature at UTS, you are required to have your progress assessed…..

"This is to ensure that candidates are equipped with the knowledge and research skills to carry out their proposed research program, and have made sufficient progress to make it likely that they will finish in the prescribed time."

In other words – just to check how you’re getting along…..
The process involves a presentation of a 1 hour seminar – which is not formally assessed – but attended by 3 supervisors – selected by your principal supervisor.

The seminar is about presenting your ideas and engaging in dialogue, and getting feedback that can further inform the research process. I’ve attended a number of these – as support to fellow PhD candidates and out of interest for my own presentation. Generally there has been very valuable and open discussions occuring – so really, there’s nothing to be worried about…..yeah right!!!!

Now – the 2nd part – the written assessment:
A 10,000 word paper for the assessment panel that includes:

"…clear research questions, a comprehensive and critical literature review, a rationale for the research, an outline of and rationale for the research methodlogy, a discussion of ehtical considerations, a clear indication of a research schedule, and a consideration of possible problems…initial studies [findings] may also be reported."

So – the date is set – Friday 25 November…..and somehow before that time I need to mark 150 odd end of semester papers, present at the Learning Technologies 2005 conference (this week), chair the National Training day symposium, get to Melbourne for my mother’s 80th birthday….and a few other things ….phew!

Tonight I’m presenting to the Community of Scholars on the preparation process for the Doctoral Assesment – hmmmm – should be interesting …. better plan that now….