The Great Debate at LT2005

The Great Debate: Technological Presence: How Much is Too Much?

One of the most popular segments of the conference is the great debate – This year teams debate the topic ‘Technological Presence; How Much is Too Much?’ and tease out the pros and cons of the possible impacts that the expansion of communication technology will have on teachers and students alike.
The affirmative team will undoubtedly champion the positive outcomes of extended communication and access that technological advance brings to education and training- videostreamed lessons available to your hand-held with live video teacher commentary.
Alternatively, the negative team may well draw attention to possible undesirable situations and issues that could result from the increased ability to track and communicate at will – would you want to receive a video call across your internet fridge at Saturday 7.00 am breakfast after a big Friday night out?

What will the new technology allow us to do and what are the advantages and the short comings?

On the affirmative team: Carol Webb, Mark Brommeyer, and John Thomson.
On the negative team: ABB, Gerry White, and Laurence Zwimpfer

And the banter has already started with a bit of email exchange – the affirmative are sounding rather confident….so – I’m calling for some support for the negative team here – any ideas or points to argue – let me know….oh, perhaps that had better be by email – I don’t want to give the affirmative team an advantage here…..!!!!