Overcoming Learner Resistance

Bob Spence – St George Bank

Managing Expectations:

  • many promises are made: saves money & reduces costs, reduces classroom facilities, reduces facilitators, more effective, from paper to "e" is easy etc

Learner Expectations: (most important component in the equation!) – of course!

  • they want relevant learning, time to complete, quality learning, be able to use the knowledge, recognition for learning.
  • Gen Y – different expectations – aware of real time access, instant digital gratification, expect personalisation, large diverse social networks – this will change the way we design learning – ABSOLUTELY!

Learning design skills are lacking – right across the industry! Another great point BOB!
Spending big and blowing the budget on technology – yep, got it in one Bob!

Success at St George has definitely come from linking learning to the business objectives.

St George is moving from structured to unstuctured learning – things are moving outside of the LMS now – it’s about access and respecting the learners  – instead of having to go through cumbersome log on processes.

Implementation strategies at St George:

  • change management processes – included an orientation pack for learners with head phones and other goodies
  • expectation management – ran internal sessions on the introduction of e-Learning
  • stakeholder management

Never forget to respect, encourage, and support learners!

Cost savings – 85% in 1/3 of the expected time – measured against the traditional approach of classroom, facilitator costs.

At St George, their learning centre is called the "Learning Zone" !

Quote of the day: Did anyone ever ask you if you wanted to use email?

Apart from evaluating learning from the 4 stage Kirkpatrick approach they are now using a Learning Transfer System – from Holton & Bates 1998:
4 main areas: 1) learner readiness to transfer, 2) learner motivation to use learning, 3) Learner ability to use learning, 5) work environment.