Developing e-Learning Content

Christie Schneider – The Learning Group – Lead instructional designer
Barry Gordon – Savv-e – Lead Instructional designer

These guys started then a cute little banter – really challenged some of the previous presentations….challenging that e-Learning is not really about content – how they handle the clients and strategies to develop content!

Christie: Designing e-Learning that works:

  • "clicking does not engage or imply learning is occurring!" Yes – now we’re getting there!
  • "Throw a situation in their face" – then let them work through it…..
  • "You don’t have to include everything…" go for the 80/20 rule….focus your interactivity on the mistakes you’re seeing

Barry: Focus of content

  • a focus creates a narrative…..based on individual experiences…we all created dots in our head and join them…
  • we need to look harder at the focus and our principles (of ID, I think he means) – we need a coherent narrative at the end…

Components of instructional design:

  • how much contingency support are you going to embed into your e-Learning course
  • using threaded recurring focus points throughout the course – repetition

Christie: Tips

  • provide different ways to access the information
  • use more white spaces
  • use minimal graphics…

(aaaahhhh – these guys are talking about what I’m supposed to be talking about….- and I’m up next!!!)

  • when to outsource – when you don’t have the skills!!!!!
  • how will you manage changes to your course?

Barry: talking about blah blah blah blah blah….and how that turns into scripts of content…
Turning points about decisions for outsourcing – can you produce the quality…

How to select a content developer – apart from the obvious (select them!) – time spent up front with the developers is crucial!
Time at analysis and design is absolutely critical – it’s not about rapid design….

Christie: Ask lots of questions of your providers – ask for a client list and a reference list – talk to them!
Ask these clients about the outcomes, the scope, QA process…how consistently did the developer communicate with you…
Web design companies are not e-Learning providers/developers!
Ask them about instructional learning strategies – what do they know about them!

Steps to working with developers:

  • realise that developers are relying on your to express what is important about your project, what you’re trying to achieve
  • control of source material – up-to-date, on time materials (that’s a please from the developers)
  • be aware of content scope or feature creep!
  • invovle yourself in key points throughout the project – the more feedback the better from the client – leaving feedback until the end is TOO late!
  • also consider future changes and update – have a management strategy