E-Learning Still in Early Stages in Australia and New Zealand

The Cape Group (an Australian-based global human capital research and advisory firm) have just released a report based on responses from 30 of the top 100 organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Learning Circuits magazine (from ASTD) reviewed the report:
The survey found that only a handful of organizations viewed themselves as being mature users of e-learning. The survey also revealed that more than half of the organizations interviewed (62 percent) considered themselves to be in the early stages of e-learning technology adoption.
While the organisations appear to have adopted a sophisticated array of e-learning tools and technologies to drive business outcomes, few are exploiting the full capabilities available. Most organizations are still laying the foundations for e-learning, says Cape Group director and e-learning industry expert Dion Groeneweg, “While organizations we researched view e-learning as an effective and efficient means of solving real business issues, many have a long way to go before they will realize the full benefits of their solution,” says Groeneweg.
For 73 percent of the organizations surveyed, their e-learning journey will continue as the solution expands and new business requirements demand more from e-learning. “As organizations move away from tactical e-learning solutions, performance management and competency development will be key focus areas for the immediate future,” says Groeneweg said.
The full report can be purchased from the Cape Group.