Life without the Net

Can’t live without it??? What would you do if you couldn’t access the internet for 2 weeks…..ooooh that’s getting really frightening!
I think I would cope without spam emails, but….could I survive without my newsfeeds? My blogging? My research? Nah – don’t even want to think about it…. it’s hard enough when I’m travelling and end up on limited access with dial-up connections….
A story in the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Yahoo! Inc and the OMD media agency commissioned the study to give marketers a deeper understanding of people’s dependence on email, websites, and other internet-based tools. About 30 people in the US were asked to keep diaries on broadband connection deprivation (boy, not even dial-up!) – and over 1,000 households were also asked how long they would last – 5 days was the average response!!!
How long would you last and what impact would it have??
I’d certainly have some banking issues, a few worried students,….
Oh, by the way – it probably wasn’t that hard for the research participants – they were still allowed to use the internet at work, but not for personal use…hmmmm – that’s a bit easy, isn’t it!

Wonder what impact this would have on learning strategies if we made students in an online course not access the content for 2 weeks….more like a holiday….?
Any comments??