BlogTalk 2.0 Vienna

Well, I’m here in London (cool, wet…typical summer, I guess!) preparing for the BlogTalk conference in Vienna next week. I intend to outline the program – the speakers and their topics in advance – with some links of interest, then at the end of each day I’ll review the presentations.
You may have already noticed that I’ve added a Photoblog to this page (in the right hand column) – this will be my photodialogue – it already includes some shots of my preparations…in Spain, in the sun!

If you’d like to explore the BlogTalk conference yourself – the URL is:
You may notice on this page that there is also a wiki happening where participants are introducing themselves and already building a pre-conference dialogue.
I love the Wikimap linked from the BlogTalk page – make sure you drop by there!
The map highlights a number of wireless hotspots throughout Vienna – so that will be great to explore too!

I’m hoping that most of this conference will be in English – I have noticed a few Wiki entries in German…which I can’t speak a word of!

I hope you join me for the conference – the use of technologies alone is looking exciting!