June Blogging

Well – its a little late – but the editor is suffering from end of semester marking challenges!
This month is looking exciting as our blog and newsletter become virtual. Visit our blog regularly from the 5th July for the “live” reporting from BlogTalk2.0 in Vienna. The July newsletter will incorporate some of the new technologies and practices from the UK and Europe.

How will you know when this blog was been updated?
Well – you have a couple of choices! Drop by regularly or use a RSS feed – or aggregator. I use Bloglines – it’s free! You register with Bloglines, nominate websites (including this blog) and it collects updates through RSS feeds. When you sign in (or you can be notified directly onto your desktop) – updated sites of your choice are highlighted!

A recurring theme that arose as I collected and researched for this month’s newsletter is the future…things are hotting up in the technical world – wireless networks are popping up everywhere; Sony has announced their exit from the PDA market – claiming the PDA will be replaced with the mobile phone/PDA hybrid like Blueberry.

One perspective I’m particularly interested in for the future of learning is the development of socially connected learners – through blogs, wikis, or some other new form of networked connection. Did you know I can send entries to my blog from my mobile? That’s called moblogging!

Did you notice we’ve started a BlogRoll (some people call it a blogodex) – it’s in the left-hand column – it’s a roll of e-Learning blogs – do you have any you’d like to include? Let me know and I’ll add them!

The developers of TypePad – the software that powers this blog – are keynote speakers at BlogTalk 2.0. It will be fascinating to hear their thoughts and predictions as the blogging phenomon increases momentum!

So – fasten your seat belts – the future is just in front of us – looks like we’re in the midst of more revolutionary changes and predictions about the future of work will have direct impact on our learning strategies!

Talk to you from London & Vienna!
Anne BB