Queensland Rail

QLD Rail brag board

Strategy design: Anne Bartlett-Bragg

Organisation: Queensland Rail

Visual Design and facilitation: Ripple Effect Group in partnership with XPLANE.


In 2011, the Learning and Capabilities team at Queensland Rail engaged me and my team to develop a future of learning blueprint and a strategic learning framework to underpin their diagnostic and engagement with the organisation.

We conducted research and analysis with the Capabilities team to determine a strategic approach for integrating continual learning across all areas of the business – including the field workers who are frequently unable to access traditional training events. Our research included a number of facilitated workshops and key stakeholder interviews with a cross section of the business to understand their current and future learning needs and challenges.

Using visual thinking tactics, we created a series of personas to represent significant sets of learners which we used to inform the development of a Current State XPLANATION that was used to demonstrate a case for change.

A learning landscape review was used to determine the best-in-class practices being used globally in similar or associated utilities.

The culmination of the research and engagement resulted in a future vision XPLANATION, with a number of supporting reports to inform the final strategic approach. The XPLANATIONs, both Current and Future State, have been used both within the learning and development department to ensure all operational activities are focused on the future state and with executives across the business to communicate how the learning function will provide innovative practices for the business to achieve its 5 year goals and objectives.

The final piece of work involved the development of the strategic learning framework which provided the Learning and Capability consultants a diagnostic and engagement tool to discuss learning interventions that reflected the future strategic directions.