Friday Fave: Deloitte Tech Trends 2019 – Beyond the digital frontier

The Deloitte Tech Trends report has been released – their 10th in this series. The graphic above illustrates the key trends over the past 10 years and the report highlights nine macro trends that are influencing technology innovation. It was fascinating to review the graphic and consider some of the projects we’ve completed over the past decade and map them against the trends and which of the trends haven’t performed as proposed. However, I found the opening statement in the report quite profound:

“…cloud, analytics and digital experiences have steadily disrupted IT operations, business models and markets… these now familiar forces may no longer qualify as “trends”…”

While many organisations may be implementing these technologies currently, the next wave of disruptors are already creating an impact: blockchain, cognitive and digital reality (eg. AR, VR and IoT).

There are 142 pages to this report – packed with exciting opportunities as we shift towards completely new ways of experiencing work with technologies that were mainly sci-fi a decade ago. Each chapter of the report provides a pragmatic, research-based review of the trend, examples in practice and useful graphics that explain potential applications. It may take time to fully absorb how technology will impact your organisation over the next decade, but avoiding consideration may result in missed opportunities.


There’s a short video to introduce the highlighted topics in the report – but there are no shortcuts – you’re just going to have to read it! (And I notice there’s no Sans Forgetica font – see last week’s Friday Fave if you’re not sure what I’m talking about)!

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