The New Normal: the future of workplace learning

Emerging trends in 2015.

In 2000 I started researching how social technologies were impacting both the way we approach learning and how we were using these technologies to learn. Since then, a lot has changed and not much has changed at all! A quick glance through the technology options provides a perspective of how enormous advances have been made – can you remember not having an email address or 2? What did we do before Facebook & Twitter? YouTube launched in 2005 and the iPhone was released in 2007!

In contrast, I look at the advancements in organisational learning and immediately notice the disconnect! Current pedagogical thinking and instructional design practices are lagging behind the innovations in workplace and technology designs. To highlight some aspects of emerging workplace trends and their impact on organisational learning, I used a pattern thinking approach to identify core mega-patterns outlined in the published article below.

If you’re in Sydney 13-14 May, join me at the Australian Institute for Training and Development National Conference. I’ll be opening the conference with an extended version of the article and will be joined by some great speakers who will share their experiences of innovating their practice.

The following article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine April 2015 Vol 42 No 2, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development.