Disrupt Learning

The current educational landscape is in the midst of a disruptive state with new technological developments, including the use of personal devices such as smartphones and tablets questioning the relevance institutional platforms.

Challenges to current funding models in education will require, in some cases, a total review of economic models. While the phenomenal rise of the massive open online courses or MOOCs are challenging the status quo of on-site campus education.

Unfulfilled student expectations of higher education leading to lower levels of enrolments and higher levels of dropouts and frustration from employers as graduates are not meeting their expectations in terms of capabilities. All this in a global context that is experiencing disruptive economic and societal changes.Yet these disruptions offer us enormous opportunities to change traditional methods and create new and meaningful learning opportunities that match student and organisational needs.

If you missed the Disrupt Sydney conference recently – here’s the video of my keynote short talk:

And – if you watch really carefully – there’s a cat slide too!