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As the Agenda for the first Dachis Group Social Business Summit in Sydney is being finalised, we thought a snapshot, sneak preview from some of our speakers may provide some insights into the nature of conversations that will be occurring on the day!

Peter Kim

Peter will provide both context and vision about social business design:

  • What is social business design?
  • Why does this concept matter?
  • How can companies get started?

Spiced with examples and experiences, Peter’s presentation will be the focal point of reference throughout the Summit.

Martin Stewart-Weeks

Martin brings a diverse range of perspectives to the Summit and will focus his presentation on:
The Resilient Sate: Smarter, Connect

  • Why is government interested in social innovation?
  • How does connection make social innovation more effective?
  • What does all of that have to do with the “resilient state”?

Kevin Tate

As social engagement is one of the core pillars of social business design, we would be remiss not to discuss Facebook. Kevin will share his extensive work in this field through his presentation:
Putting Facebook to work Effectively: Lessons from over 300 campaigns

  • Facebook’s ongoing evolution as an “attention landscape”
  • The symbiotic relationship between media & experiences in Facebook
  • How to create social momentum in Facebook – what works, what doesn’t
  • Meaningful metrics for Facebook presence and programs
  • Where Facebook is headed – what’s on the horizon for 2011

Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion’s presentation: High Impact Social Business: Stories and New Perspectives
will look at who is moving the needle and expanding the notion of how important social business can (and should) be to the bottom line of all organisations.

Didier Elzinga

At the core of a social business is not the technology, it’s their people! Learn from Didier how culture and software are inextricably linked:
Culture as a competitive advantage in modern organisations.

  • What we can learn from software development
  • The idea of a “lean” culture
  • Creating a “heartbeat” in your organisation

Event: Dachis Group Social Business Summit Sydney 2011
Date: Wednesday, March 2
Venue: The Mint, 10 Macquarie St, Sydney

For more information visit the Social Business Summit website.
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