De-Mystifying Webinars series

I’m running a series of webinars for AITD – the Australian Institute for Training & Development – 28 Jan & 18Feb.

If you’re new to webinars this is a must!! – Hope to see you online! 😉

Read the blurb the below:

De-Mystifying Webinars:

Webinars are an effective way to engage with geographically dispersed learners, distribute messages quickly, and enhance learning outcomes in a cost effective manner.

Never attended a webinar before? Or worse, had a less than positive experience with webinars?

Want to know how to effectively engage learners through the use of webinar technologies?
Or perhaps you’re interested in developing a business to introduce webinars in your organisation?

These 2 introductory sessions serve as an introduction to webinars, both from a “how to use” the technology, and from an overview of the benefits to learners and developing the business case.

Session 1: Introducing webinars
This 60 minute session will cover the following topics:

•    Introduce the features and functionality or webinar platforms
•    How to develop the business case (benefits, ROI etc)
•    Basic session design overview
•    To webinar, or not to webinar (ie. when are they suitable, when are they not.)

Session 2: How to conduct an effective webinar
This session is intended to build on the information from Session 1 and focuses on how to effectively conduct a webinar. The 60 minute session will cover the following topics:

•    How many people does it take to run a webinar?
•    Overview of different roles
•    Moderator responsibilities
•    Subject Matter Expert responsibilities
•    Participant orientation
•    Designing for engagement and interaction

Both these introductory sessions would be valuable for those new to webinars, or those who are interested to integrate webinars into their learning delivery strategy.

The webinar platform utilised for this series is provided by CiscoWebex

Presented by Anne Bartlett-Brag, PhD candidate, MEd (Adult Ed), BEd (Adult Ed), Dip HRM, Dip e-Learning, Cert IV TAA.
Anne specialises in the creation of innovative communication networks and learning environments with social media. Her design for the first national mentoring program (MentorNet) for young women entrepreneurs in 2007, developed entirely in social media – was a finalist in the Forrester Groundswell awards in 2008. Anne in the Managing Director of Headshift Australasia.

Presented by Shelley Gibb, B.Bus in Human Resource Management, Dip. e-Learning
Shelley is a community manager and online moderator for Headshift in a number of active communities. She is currently studying a Masters Degree in Adult Education at the University of Technology, Sydney where socially focussed e-Learning strategies are her key areas of research.

Session 1: Introducing webinars
28 January 2010 11:00am ** BOOKED OUT **
28 January 2010 3:00pm

Session 2: How to conduct an effective webinar
18 February 2010 11.00am
18 February 2010 3:00pm ** BOOKED OUT **

Individual sessions
AITD members $65.00 incl of GST
Non-members $80.00 incl of GST

Book both sessions!
AITD members $115.00 incl of GST
Non-members $140.00 incl of GST

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